Paint Protection Film

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Whether your vehicle is new or just got a new paint job, it’s important to prolong the paint for as long as possible. There are many things which can cause the paint on your vehicle to become faded, scratched, or damaged. With most driving taking place outdoors, your car is often exposed to poor weather conditions, excessive sunlight, rocks, and more. The team at Vinyl Lab NW recommends having paint protection film applied to the paint on your car if you are looking to keep it fresh for as long as possible. We have certified installers of STEK paint protection film which boasts 10-year durability with built-in hydrophobic properties.

When you receive paint protection film services from Vinyl Lab NW, you will have the job done right the first time. We apply a protective layer of film to the body of your car to protect it from anything which could damage it. We understand you care about your vehicle always looking nice and want what is best for you. By applying a thin layer of film made from urethane to the body of your car, our crew can help your car’s paint stay intact in daily driving situations.

Vinyl Lab Wraps offers Paint Protection Film by STEK!

We strive to provide clients with top-notch materials, so we chose STEK (Shield Technologies) for paint protection film. They are the leading innovator in the automotive film industry. Their film product was made for car enthusiasts who want an unrivaled appearance, uncompromised protection, and easy maintenance.