Custom Window Film

Whether you’re using it for decorative purposes or too keep peering eyes out of your business, a frosted window privacy film is an elegant treatment for your business.

Vinyl Lab NW specializes in many types of window decals. We can cut and create beautiful designs and install them on your storefront or any glass/mirror surface you may have. Window decals such as frosted or dusted window films are perfect for conference rooms and storefront windows when you need a little extra privacy. We use high quality window frosted films and offer installation services as well. We work with you every step of the way to design, measure, print, and install the right window films for your store or particular situation. Here are a few other examples of how Vinyl Lab NW can improve your storefront windows:

Our frosted privacy film mimics the look of costly etched glass finished at a fraction of the cost. The final product looks amazingly smooth and lasts for years. The window film diffuses harsh sun rays while allowing light to still enter the room. Frosted privacy film is perfect for indoors and outdoors, and our experts will install onsite to provide you with an easy, no-stress process.  Our window film has many uses, including providing privacy for conference rooms, storefronts, restaurants, office windows, and much, much more. Call us today for a free quote!

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