Boost Your Brand with Vinyl Vehicle Wraps

Show off your company to potential clients around town with a brand new vinyl vehicle wrap! Your brand will become instantly recognizable.

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A business without a logo is like a car without wheels. We can understand what it is, but it will never get going. For any type of business, brand recognition is crucial for growth and gaining a consumer base. Considering how competitive markets are in the Greater Seattle Area, taking advantage of marketing opportunities and unique branding can set your business apart. Promoting your brand on your Chevy, Ford, or even ice cream truck impacts the visibility of your brand to consumers. The more time people see your logo, the more likely they will remember your name and call for your services instead of a competitor with a little branding. By utilizing customized vinyl vehicle wraps, graphics, and stickers, you can turn your company car into a moving billboard for every consumer and competitor to see!

What are Vinyl Vehicle Wraps? 

Vinyl vehicle wraps, car stickers, and vehicle graphics are the practice of applying designs, sometimes custom, on vehicles of any size for the purpose of brand exposure. The vinyl material lasts anywhere from five to seven years. Vinyl Lab NW uses high-quality material which keeps the custom vinyl weatherproof and scratch proof.

Benefits of Vehicle Wraps:

1. Unique Brand Awareness

If you are looking for new ways to spread brand awareness, vehicle wraps have many marketing advantages no matter the industry. You can take your logo on the go and reach audiences wherever you please. The exposure is wonderful to generate frequency, impressions, and returning customers.

2. Cost-effective

Most marketing campaigns and strategies require frequent payments and can be wasted on people outside of a target audience.  Vehicle wraps only require a one-time payment for a type of marketing which will last for years or until you decide you want something new on your ride!

3. Effortless and Compelling Marketing

The graphic designers at Vinyl Lab NW know how to catch the eyes of others on the road through customized graphics and wraps. When it comes to choosing your design, there are no limits. In addition to compelling branding, the work it takes to spread awareness becomes effortless. All you have to do is drive!

If you live in Everett, Kenmore, Eastside, or any of the surrounding areas and are ready to expand your marketing strategy through customized vehicle wraps, contact Vinyl Lab NW in Mukilteo, WA! Feel free to email us at or call (425)-870- 8702! Even if you don’t have a design ready to go, we can help! We can create a new logo or design for you from scratch!

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