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Backlit vinyl graphics for Spiritual Life Counseling of Woodinville, Wa
Is it time to revamp your old sign or get a new one all together? From design to print, Vinyl Lab NW can fill your backlit sign needs!

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Did you just open a new storefront in Seattle and need new custom vinyl graphics for your backlit sign? Maybe you just need to revamp some old signage or start a new project entirely. Either way, Vinyl Lab NW Sign & Graphics can help you out. We design in-house to help give you the best deals on backlit signs with fast turnaround times. Take advantage of your curbside opportunities and attract as many customers as possible with a customized backlit sign from our creative team. Our well-seasoned designers can re-use your current plastic to keep costs down or can provide a brand-new piece designed from scratch. As long as you can bring the vision, we can carry the tools!

Lakeside Massage Backlit sign by Vinyl Lab NW of Lynnwood
Discount Smoke backlit sign by Vinyl Lab NW of Lynnwood

What are Some of the Advantages of Adding Custom Backlit Signs to Your Marketing Mix?

Well, besides being able to use your creative freedom (with our help of course), backlit signs exude professionalism while attracting the eyes of potential and existing customers. The sign is doing the marketing for you! No matter if you are promoting a new product in Mukilteo or spreading brand awareness in Lynnwood, the opportunities are endless! Using only the best products, your signage will last for years to come and is built to withstand the unpredictable weather in Seattle. In addition to brand awareness and professionalism, they are a great long-term investment. Unlike other non-traditional marketing tools, backlit signage only requires a one-time payment with benefits that last for years.

Other Types of Illuminated Signs

Turning heads and attracting new business with customized backlit signage sounds like a great deal for every business, but how do you choose? There are many types of “light up” signs to choose from and can work well with any vision.

Backlit Lettering

To break this one down simply, backlit lettering/signage is when the letters within a design give off an illuminated light. The illumination comes from behind each letter rather than the front, making it easier for customers to read any time of the day. The use of a certain color or angle can affect perception.


Invented in the early 1900s, neon signs have been a business favorite for over a century. Popular for their unique vibrancy and fabrication, neon signs are incredibly aesthetic. Made of blown glass, neon signs can be turned into any shape, from lightning bolts to entire phrases.

Front-lit Lettering

You may have a good guess already for this type of illuminated signage, but front-lit lettering is popular amongst some of the biggest companies. The letters are illuminated in the front with LED lighting and bring vibrancy to each letter.

Although we are pros in backlit signage, check out some of the other custom signs we can offer throughout the greater Seattle area! We are based in Mukilteo and we understand that timing is everything. That’s why we offer some of the quickest turnaround times in the industry. Call 425-870-8702 today for a free quote or contact us here to get started!

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