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A well placed sign with creative graphics will undoubtedly set your business apart from competitors and create a lasting memory of your brand.

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Signs create a silent communication between your business and the public. They describe more than just your location and services; they can convey the style, professionalism, and uniqueness of your product or service. A well placed sign with creative graphics will undoubtedly set your business apart from competitors and create a lasting memory of your brand. Vinyl Lab NW designed, manufactured, and installed these backlit signs and window graphics for PC Recycle and Repair of Bothell and Bellevue.

Signs create a first impression of your business to consumers. This is your opportunity to create a positive impression and advertise your products and services. Also, people are more likely to purchase items and use services they are familiar with. Thus, the signage you’ve posted will create an imprint in the consumer’s mind so that they can become familiar with your brand.

As consumers in today’s market we are constantly bombarded with marketing messages; from TV, radio, on billboards, and buses. The public picks up on visual cues that are constantly surrounding them. In order to set your business apart from the competition and be remembered by the consumer, it is vital to raise the standard of your presentation. Signage is an integral part of any business in order to convey simple information regarding who and where you are, and what you have to offer. However, do not underestimate a signs use and versatility as an advertising tool.

Successful businesses project a professional image in all facets of their advertising campaign. As a marketing tool signage can increase the consumer’s awareness of your product as well as promote various specials, and communicate information regarding your business such as prices, hours of operation, and services provided.

Compelling signage for your business has many benefits. It is a cost-effective marketing tool that promotes your products and services. Signs can help brand your business and create a positive and lasting first impression. An effective sign makes life easy for consumers by communicating essential information and displaying a landmark for your business. An impressive sign will command the attention of the public and set you apart from competitors.

Great signage will tell customers where you are located, make them feel welcome in your establishment, and create a brand that is instantly recognized by the public. A competent sign will be legible from an appropriate reading distance, and have a clearly discernible graphic that is consistent with the business’s professional image.

Ineffective signage can create trouble for your business. A business that does not have adequate directional signs and a well lit main sign can make it hard for customers to find your business location. Customers may not feel welcomed into an establishment that does not have a sign displaying the hours of operation or an open sign welcoming them into the store. Similarly, customers feel at ease when information is simple to access. A business may feel unappealing to the consumer if the signs are outdated, faded, or falling apart. A poorly designed sign can make it hard for the customer to find you at all, or your business may simply go unnoticed by potential clients.

If you feel it is time to update your signage with fresh, modern style that conveys your products, services, and brand perfectly, contact Vinyl Lab NW Signs and Graphics of Mukilteo, WA for a free creative consultation today! Email us at or call (425)870-8702. We offer free in-house design to enhance your vision and encapsulate the future of your business!

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