Custom Box Truck Wraps

Box trucks are basically moving billboards, why not use it to promote your business with the most cost effective advertising available? This is done by wrapping it with superb graphics using high quality vinyl that displays your companies image. Your vehicle will deliver your brand, logo, business message and products or services to the local community, or to the country.  Advertising this way makes your company stand out from your competition and gives your potential customers the message you want them to know about. Make your box truck, van or other vehicles work for you when they are on the road doing their rounds. Get noticed with an outstanding vehicle wrap that also makes your business look fantastic, professional and generate the steady business you’ve been looking for.
Vinyl Lab NW takes pride in helping your business grow with producing high-quality, professional graphics and vinyl installations on your van, box truck or vehicle while also fitting into your budget. You can trust Vinyl Lab NW with the entire process from the design of your vehicle wrap to the final installation of the message you want on your vehicle. Our high quality Roland printer prints excellent photo quality graphics and that combined with professional grade vinyl applications give an abundant amount of design options. No need to worry about the original finish of your vehicle the applications utilized by Vinyl Lab NW will protect it. If your message changes Vinyl Lab NW will remove the existing wrap or vinyl graphics and assist with your newest promotion!

Order Your Custom Box Truck Wrap

Do you have box truck you utilize for your robust delivery needs or commercial enterprise? Contact us to see about getting an eye-catching wrap to promote your business!

In a competitive marketplace, graphics on your Box Trucks are an extremely efficient way to advertise your business. One vehicle can be seen by 30,000 – 70,000 people in just one day of driving!

According to The Outdoor Advertising Association of America:

  • Mobile advertising can be the most effective and efficient form of outdoor advertising, reaching more consumers at a lower Cost than any other form of outdoor advertising.
  • More than 95% of Americans are reached by media targeting vehicle drivers and passengers.
  • The average American has traveled 302 miles in the past 7 days.

Why choose Vinyl Labs NW for your box truck graphics and wraps?

  • We custom design in-house and install your graphics for a one-stop solution!
  • We can help you with the design and layout
  • We have extremely FAST turnaround
  • Tons of experience with cars, trucks, trailer wraps – we are your team for head turning Box Truck Graphics and Wraps!

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